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 The Lätzsch Trombone Festival 2018 is the fourth installment to be hosted in Enschede (The Netherlands) and Heek (Germany). This vibrant festival is an international mix of top trombonists and emerging talent. The 'ArtEZ Conservatory of Music' in Enschede, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra and the 'Music Academy North Rhein Westfalen' in Heek are excited to present Lätzsch 2018.


 The fourth edition of our festival is aimed specifically at advanced tenor and bass trombonists concentration on audition preparation.


 This year, we will provide two training courses: Competition and Active participants. Active participants will perform in masterclasses, receive mental coaching, perform in festival ensembles, receive full room and board, and access to all festival concerts. Competition participants will follow the active participant course, receive three private lessons with Lätzsch Festival Faculty, and participate in a competition for a new trombone.


 Spaces are limited for each course. Register NOW!



 The program includes classical, funk/jazz, new music, ancient music, and crossover selections. In short, there is something for everyone.

 The campus includes: rehearsal space, lodging,
cafeteria and an underground pub. Our facilities provide an ideal location to meet enthusiastic trombonists from all over the world. 

 During our five-day festival , participants will be coached by experienced professional orchestral trombonists and soloists.

 Each day, you will have the opportunity to play in masterclasses, trombone ensembles, view instrument exhibits, hear outstanding concerts, and relax with other participants and faculty members.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Cruiming

Festival Manager

Hermann Nienaber

General Manager

Lätzsch Custom Brass