Bass Trombone Competition

Still 4 Spots open!
Full Board at the 'Music Academy Heek Germany'

11-16 December 2018 € 650,00 per person (5 nights) 

maximum 24 Bass Trombonists  



11-12-2018: Shuttle Düsseldorf Airport to Heek

                        or Shuttle Trainstation Enschede to Heek


 Room (5 nights)
 Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

 3 individual lessons with Bass Trombone coaches

 Active participation in Bass Trombone masterclasses

 Active participation in mental and health training
 Participation in the mock audition 15-12-2018
   winner gets a new Lätzsch Trombone

 Active participation in Festival Ensembles

 Active participation in Student Concerts

 Free ticket for 'NIGHT OF BRASS' 15-12-2018



16-12-2018: Shuttle Heek to Airport Düsseldorf

                        or Shuttle Heek to Trainstation Enschede


Transportcosts (flight, train or car)
to Düsseldorf Airport or Enschede are not included